Bhangra Bingo!

Eyes down as Bhangra Bingo launches in Birmingham. Think bingo is just for your neighbors gran? Then you’re ever so wrong. There’s a brand new version of the game and it’s heading to the Holi Rave Festival.

Bhangra Bingo! Is a fun interactive show with an Indian twist, celebrating a fantastic British tradition. This Desi Bingo is a chaotic and an ironic version of the game – complete with Bhangra –dance intervals, Panjabi Joke Competition Bhangra Tunes and absolutely, rubbish-crap prizes. We plan to have loud music, crazy MC’s, 90s RnB and Bollywood sing-a-longs, dance burn-outs and lots of surprises on the way!

Make an effort and dress up as your favorite Auntie or Uncleji and get ready to shout “Bhangra Bingo!” out loud. Bhangra Bingo, this is a place to celebrate your British-heritage, desi style!

Bhangra Bingo is the first event of its kind and is produced by Shaanti. TM

Shaanti presents Holi Rave Festival 2017

Tickets: First Release £8 (Sold Out), Second Release £10 (Sold Out), Third Release £12.50, Forth Release £15.00, Fifth Release £17.50 and More at the door. Children Under 16, £10 (All children must be accompanied by an adult). Tickets can be purchased here. Children under 4, Free.

Time: 3.00pm – 11.00pm

For more information: 07968260276, please visit for full terms and conditions.

Holi Rave Festival is produced by Shaanti in Partnership with Taste & Liquor //


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