Celebrate Newly Created Street Food Dishes First At Holi Rave Festival

Taste & Liquor To Launch Indian Summer Cocktail Bar

Food is another part of the festival, so we have brought in street-food events producers Taste and Liquor to create a mini-Indian street-food bazaar, celebrating Mumbai street food favourites all served with a selection of Indian beers. The team have also taken the challenge to commission global (non-Indian) street food traders to create a new dish celebrating the colourful day.

Manga from Director of Taste and Liquor explains more: “Holi is a universal festival which is celebrated by the worldwide community, Indian street food is heavily influenced by many unique taste and flavours that travel in through surrounding countries like Central Asia, Portuguese, Southeast Asia, British Isles and Europe. For Taste and Liquor it’s always about experimenting and challenging people to take risks with their menu’s, their flavours and we can’t wait to present new and exciting dishes with a global-twist to the festivals global audience.

Combining their love for arts, culture, music and cultural – traditions with their love for food, the Holi Rave Festival gives the region a great opportunity to celebrate a long-lived Indian tradition, bringing in the brightness to the diverse community of the West Midlands.

Make sure you come hungry as there will be plenty of global street food to go round.

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