Champion Sounds Presents RAW Music Showcase

Celebrating creativity and diversity, from ground-breaking new talents from innovation to tradition, and from acoustic to electronic. Shaanti and The Holi Rave Festival are pleased to present Champion Sounds RAW Music Showcase, in partnership with British Asian Women in Music.

The showcase, which is presented by British Asian Women in Music, features performers such as singer and songwriter Alisha Kadir and Nona Kalra, a classical Indian trained electronic (drum and bass and dub-step) vocalist. Other artists include the young, rising R&B-Bollywood singer artist Vibs, who recently supported international Bollywood singer, Jeffrey Iqbal.

Alisha Kadir


Nona Kalra

Champion Sounds is a pioneering artist platform produced by Shaanti in 2010, it aims to uncovers the best of the musical past, celebrates the present and support the future of the music scene.

Champion Sounds Presents RAW Music Showcase at Holi Rave Festival, performances will be taking place throughout the festival, please check the schedule for show-times.

We are so sorry to announce that Nona Kalra will not be preforming , sadly she has a throat-infection. We wish her a speedy recovery – get well soon love!  

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