Food Glorious Street-Food At Holi Rave Festiva!

Pizza Traders 1

Get stuck into to some the best street –food from the UK. We know we’re a Indian festival but we’ve thrown out the rule book and have put together a menu that will make-your-mouth water. Flat - Bread at Holi Rave

Our Holi Rave Street Food Zone will feature delicious global flavours celebrating world culture! Being a universal festival, we present to you Pizza Traders who’ll be rustling up hot stoned-oven baked Indian Pizza featuring Chicken Tikka, Keema Pizza and Spicy Indian for all you veggies in the house! Tuck into some Persian cuisine with the delicious Fat Breads, they’ll be wrapping up Lamb Kofta’s, Chicken Shawarma’s, Falafel’s, and Lebanese Kebab’s in their homemade dips and trademark flatbreads.

Hot Choc Pot at Holi Rave

For afters, we know you’re going love Saffy’s 99p, for your ice-cream fix and Hot Choc Hot, who’ll be serving up mini Hot-Choc Pot’s with creamy melted chocolate perfect for after-snackin.

Yummy in my tummy, we promise no chip-butty in sight. Don’t say, we don’t spoil you!

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