Taste & Liquor Cocktail Bar

Taste & Liquor To Launch Indian Summer Cocktail Bar

It would be rude not to celebrate our taste buds with a fancy selection of cocktails and mocktails, but as always we have thought of everything. Holi Rave Feast-IVAL are proud to announce the launch of Taste & Liquor’s Bespoke Cocktail Bar.

Taste and Liquor will launch its first pop-up bar at Amusement 13 in Birmingham City Centre on March 21. Taking inspiration from a hot Indian Summer, their tasty selection of cool beverages will be served exclusively at Holi Rave Street Food Feast-IVAL.

Taste & Liquor To Launch Indian Summer Cocktail Bar

Merging the worlds of spices and drinks, Taste and Liquor has paid attention to keeping the theme of the cocktails as near as possible to Feast-IVAL, taking the base notes of all the street-traders, from spices and herbs to fruits, as the starting point for creating the four exclusive Holi Rave cocktails and mocktails. This new bar is perfect for all Holi Rave’s looking for a different and refreshing drink.

Taste & Liquor’s Cocktail Bar will be a permanent fixture inside Amusement 13 glorious surroundings, different menu’s will be on offer to complement the venue’s daily events.

Shaanti in partnership with Taste and Liquor presents Holi Rave  & Indian Street Food Feast-IVAL on Saturday 21st March, Amusement 13. Birmingham. 

Holi Rave Feati-IVAL


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