Grab A Bollywood Dance Lesson From Aashiyana Arts

Aashiyana Arts at Holi Rave

Throw colour and master the skill of Bollywood Dancing only at Holi Rave! Join Aashiyana Arts all day for hip-gyrating, chest pumping class, filled with moves to make your Dadi go “Hai -Hai!”

Learnt to dance around the tree, or dazzle us with your light-bulbs moves it’s the foundation of many Bollywood films — referring to the Hindi language film industry in India — and is a fusion of traditional and classic Indian dances, with jazz, hip-hop and modern dance influences.

Whether you’re just intrigued by Indian dance and culture, or ready to be a Bollywood Superstar, this performance is the place for you! It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced dancer or have never busted a move in your life; we guarantee that you’ll get what you came for and so much more.

Bollywood Dance Lessons by Aashiyana Arts, please check the schedule of events for times. Each show will consist of 15 mins each across the day from 2pm – 6am.

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