Play Your Uncle-Ji Cards Right Game Show!

Everyone will enjoy this fun family game based on the popular TV show. It’s full of humorous questions and a game show host who will be disorganised and quite terrible, we won’t lie!

Basically, we’ll gather a small team from the audience in the first round of the game, teams guess “higher” or “lower”, as the card turns, trying to earn a stake with which to play the next round. Teams then gamble away their colour powder as they try to guess the outcome at the turn of a card in the second round.

It’s silly, it’s bonkers but we had to throw in something in the day for the family to enjoy – but in true honesty everyone can join in. It’s the taking part that counts and not the winning! Who we kidding, it’s all about the winning! Show us your winning face!

Shaanti presents Holi Rave Festival 2017

Tickets: First Release £8 (Sold Out), Second Release £10 (Sold Out), Third Release £12.50, Forth Release £15.00, Fifth Release £17.50 and More at the door. Children Under 16, £10 (All children must be accompanied by an adult). Tickets can be purchased here. Children under 4, Free.

Time: 3.00pm – 11.00pm

For more information: 07968260276, please visit for full terms and conditions.

Holi Rave Festival is produced by Shaanti in Partnership with Taste & Liquor //

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