Q & A’s About The Colour Powder Used At Holi Rave

Holi Rave Feast-IVAL is not just about food, drink and dancing but it’s also a celebration of our traditional festival Holi, as celebrated by millions of Indians’ across the world. Marking the arrival of Spring, it’s tradition to thrown coloured powered up into the air.

Colour Powder at Holi Rave

If you choose to take part, coloured powder bags can be purchased on the day for £3.00 at the venue. If you choose not to take part, don’t worry just step out and visit the many Street Food Traders on offer, or get your face-painted for free, grab a drink – or two – or sit down for a dramatic henna design.

here’s some background info about the colour powder we will be using. Please note colour powder can not be brought inside the venue – your health is very important to us.

Colour Powder FACTS, we will be providing:

1. Biodegradable and “Easy Clean” – non toxic or harmful. Made from natural Corn Starch.

2. With colour dyes that are Food Grade and Cosmetic Grade tested to the highest FDA standard

3. Avoids allergy reactions and can be ingested without problems.

4. Manufactured in the USA specifically for throwing at people – comes complete with a Materials Safety Data Sheet.

5. Chosen by the largest professional organiser of similar events , and approved by local authorities who have sanctioned their colour runs in the UK.

6. Supplied after discussions with Trading Standards who agree that powder with dyes that are Food, Cosmetic and Drug Tested provide the safest option for throwing powder.

*Main Music Room Only, Colour Power is not allowed to be shared, distributed or thrown in any other parts of the venue. The management have the full right to refuse service to the event/ asked to leave the vicinity of the venue. 



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