Where do I get tickets?

Tickets are available on and

Can I pay at the door?

Yes, but only a limited amount of tickets have been saved at the door so please arrive early to avoid disappointment or book tickets in advance.

Can we leave the venue once we have come inside?

No. Once you have left no entry is permitted back inside to the festival.

Is there a minimum age?

No, kids are welcomed, we have dedicated 2.00pm to 6.00pm for family time.

Can I bring my own colour powder?

Sadly no, this will not be possible. You health and safety is very important to us, we will only allow certified powder to be used inside the event  – coloured powder will be available to buy at the Feast-IVAL. For further information regarding the colour powder, please click here.

When does the event start?

Doors open at 3pm, the event ends at 11pm.

When are the colours thrown in the air?

No way! It’s Holi, colour powder is expected to be used every minute of the festival. Go wild!

Is there a free face-painter?

Yes, we have commissioned a face painter from 3.00pm – 9.00pm.

What is the dresscode?

There is no dresscode however hoods and caps will not be permitted inside the event. We do encourage visitors to dress up in fancy-dress as we will be running a fancy dress competition.

The fancy competition winner will be announced online via our Facebook group, we will choose the winner from photo’s taken from through-out the day.

So will photos be taken?

Yes. This Festival will be filmed and photographs will be take to be used on out Facebook group and on all marketing-promotional activity.

Are the colours readily washed out of my clothes?

Yes, the colours are readily washed out of clothing however a slight colour stain may or may not stay on the garment, all depended on the material of your chosen outfit or the make of your washing machine.

Can the colours be washed out from skin and hair?

The colours are not dangerous. Make sure that powder or any other product does not get inside your eyes or mouth. Eyes are extremely vulnerable on Holi because of their strategic place in body. Please ensure that your eyes and mouth remain protected at all times. Use a sunglasses/and a scarve to protect your eyes/mouth from a misfire of colour.

Can the colours be washed out from skin and hair?

Yes the colour does come of from skin and hair. However depended on your hair type, for example If you hair is coloured, bleached or has been recently permed please ask your hairdresser’s for advice prior to the festival.

Click here to be directed to a link  on tips on how to wash out colour powder from hair and skin.

Will there be food and drink?

Of course, we delighted to be working in partnership with Taste and Liquor there will be a number of Indian and Indian inspired stalls serving a number of delicious street-food treats. Own food and drinks will not be permitted onto the festival site. Please note nut’s may be used on some dishes, please check direct with all food traders before purchasing any food.

When’s the next Holi Rave Feast-IVAL

Saturday 15 April 2017

Shaanti-buy tickets

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