The Coloré Collective Presents Sounds Of The US Underground

The Coloré collective at Holi Rave 2

Celebrating the best parties New York’s nightlife has to offer, from club sounds uniting Chicago, to globally renowned music in Detroit, The Coloré Collective presents Sounds of the US Underground, a global journey of new school funk and soul.

Dance-music deity Coloré focuses on US Beats in all its glorious, echo-drenched forms but extends its reach to all types of underground dance music. They will be presenting the hottest new music and underground beats and celebrating the people behind the after-dark action.

Coloré are a collective that craft their unique style from the infamous Hare & Hounds Kings Heath bringing local and international headliners to the second city. Previous guests include Joss Moog, Prosumer, MoodyManc to name a few.

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