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Holi Rave

To honour the official day of Holi, if was only fitting to put up an adorable picture of Lord Krishna. Story has it, one day, at the time of the first full moon of spring, the girls, in brightly coloured clothes, swirled to his music. Krishna called to one of the girls, Radha, who was his favourite. He began throwing red, yellow and green powder at her. Radha and her friends laughed and began throwing colours at Lord Krishna. Soon, everyone was covered in bright colours!’

At Holi, Hindus throw colours at each other to remember the happiness brought by Lord Krishna and his love for Radha!

Krishna was also very mischievous, he was always playing pranks! Once, when the milkmaids were bathing in the river, he stole their clothes and hung them on trees nearby! Krishna went on playing his flute and would not give the clothes back for a long time!

Shaanti in partnership with Taste and Liquor presents Holi Rave  & Indian Street Food Feast-IVAL on Saturday 21st March, Amusement 13. Birmingham. 

Holi Rave

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